Safest Online Casinos and Their Sister Sites

Gambling online is without a doubt one of the most popular and fun things to do. Currently online gambling market stands on $66.7 Billion per year and it grows at rapid pace. However it is fun only if you do it in most trusted and safest online casino sites. If not, it can turn out to be quite the opposite.

On our site you can find reviews of almost every online casino site worldwide (or at least those that are worth mentioning). But not only that, unlike most of review sites, we review not only the casino itself about combine the information of its sister casinos and the company as whole. That way we can gather much more data, reviews and feedbacks and give highly precise evaluation of each casino.

Best Casinos & Sister Sites 2022

What are Sister Sites and What They are Good For?

Knowing the company and sister sites behind a certain casino carry huge advantage. First, you can check more profoundly the casino you wish to play at. For example if you want to sign to some new casino site with great feedbacks but you see multiple complaints regarding their sister casino. Naturally, it would be wise to skip it as it’s likely to follow similar footsteps.

But that’s not all. The biggest advantage of sister casinos is that it’s the perfect way to find new gambling sites to play at. Who is better judge on things you like than your own self.

No matter how many reviews you read, visit forums, go over feedbacks. Nothing can compare with first hand experience. So when you are searching for some new place to play at, maybe some new bonus or promo, the sister casinos of your favorite site are likely to be the perfect match.

And that is exactly the purpose of Sister Sites Guru. To bring a comprehensive list of all online casinos, their sister sites & similar brands,  thus allowing you to diversify your gaming experience in a safe and smooth way.  

Are Online Casinos Safe?

We’ve been asked this question endless times and the answer is always: Yes, they are, but it’s your job to make them so. That is in fact true in any time you choose and deal with money related company: broker, investing company, financial adviser. And its even more so when it comes to internet.

If you rush into the first casino you found chasing some bonus, we cannot insure that is indeed safe. Most likely that it is, but there is a small chance that it’s not. And this small chance can turn out to be very costly and exactly that small chance you and we need to eliminate.

Here we slide towards the next section here, but just to touch it briefly:

  1. * If the casino and its company have long history of operation.
  2. * If it has a clean history when it comes to withdrawals.
  3. * If it properly licensed.
  4. * If the games come from known providers.

If the answer to all these questions is “Yes”, then indeed this casino is safe to play at.

How We Rate Online Casinos

Here are the main aspects we check while ranking a casino.


License is the first thing to check on any gambling site. Not all licenses authorities are the same, some are good and some are completely worthless, and yet: you should never play in any casino that doesn’t carry a proper license.

If the casino doesn’t have a license we automatically grade it as 1 our 5. No matter how it stands in other aspects.

History of Operation

Did you know that only half of new business survive the first 5 years? When it comes to online gambling we assume the number is even lower. We consider 3 years a bear minimum and won’t give a perfect score to casino that doesn’t operate at least 3 years.

Here by the way is another advantage of sister sites, as new casinos from old and reputable companies are a different thing. The best of two worlds: new and exciting site and yet with experience and long history of operation.

Withdrawal Limits & Speed & History

The most significant aspect to check. First, “going home” with some extra cash is the reason why we enter any casino. And when we win, we want to get it fast and hassle free.

But it’s not only that: stability and the speed of withdrawals is the best indicator to company financial stability, fairness and professionalism.

The withdrawal times and methods vary between one country to another. However when you see 5 star rating, it means that this is one of the fastest paying online casinos in your area.

Software Providers

Eventually, we are here to play and the game selection is a essence of online casino. The thing is that each one of us has its own taste and game selection. Slots, blackjack, craps, video poker, classic slots vs new flashy ones and so on.

When we rate this aspect we mainly focus on variety offered, so it suite majority of our visitors and also availability of high RTP version in each game type.


The difference between top level casinos to mediocre ones is clearly visible when it comes to support professionalism and expertise. Again, that’s kind of similar to any other industry in the world.

Some will do just the minimum, drag you from one person to another and every minor issue becomes like a wall that you need go through. On the other hand, support of high level companies is pleasure to deal with. They are helpful, resourceful and highly professional.

We always get in touch with the casino support during our review, even if no real assistance needed, just to get the feeling of how they operate. We recommend you to do the same. Casino without solid support won’t get more than 4/5 rating, even all other aspects are solid.