About Us

Hi, my name is Mark. I’ve been in the online casino industry for 15 years, but the idea for this site was not mine. For the past four years, I have been a partner with SisterSitesIndex.com and with their encouragement, I started this site.

The idea of Sister Sites Guru is clear. Our goal is to help players find similar casinos to the ones they already enjoy.

Over the years, online casinos have become more stingy with bonuses. However, by playing multiple sister sites, you can increase the amount of bonuses and promos available. The best part is you can do that while still playing the same games in the same safe environment.

Our Special Features

We are not simply copying information from the precious site. There are always ways to improve. Our main addition is the ‘Trusted Casino’ feature.

If you are on mobile, you will see a small green button at the bottom of your screen. For desktop and tablet readers, it will be in the top right corner. This button automatically generates a list of the top five casinos in you area. Each site is highly rated, safe, and cashes out quickly.

The feature only appears on reviews of poor quality or mediocre casino sites. It is a friendly suggestion not to continue playing with this family.

We decided to add this so you can easily find the best online casinos out there instead.

That way if a user searches Lucky Draw Casino (a small, lower level site) we can share the sister site information, but also warn players that the company does not have great standings.

Our Goal

Our hope is that with time, we will be able to list all online casino companies and their respective casinos. By gathering the data of all the sites managed by a company we can rate them better and warn you in case something goes wrong.


In case you have any questions or need our assistance with any of the brands listed on our site, you are welcome to email us at: contact @ sistersites.guru

Thank you for visiting our site and Have Fun!